Growing your business? Here’s How we Do It:

As you may already know, Tru Power SEO specializes in growing businesses. We do this in a number of ways, the main pillars being website design, social media marketing, custom ad campaigns, and merchandise creation.

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We have an incredible in-house website designer. You’ll want a beautiful and functional website to convert new visitors to new clients/customers. We can even build an online store for you!

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Matching Domain Email

We’ll set you and your team up with matching emails (, and help you integrate them with your current email client (like Gmail).  Your new website will drive business directly to your email!

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Custom Ad Campaigns

We design and manage targeted ad campaigns that generate business consistently, and predictably. This is the easiest way to “purchase new customers”. Social Media users will engage with your ads, visit your website, and contact you, directly bringing you business!

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Social Media Management

Grow your Instagram or other social media platforms’ following organically using our unique growth strategies.

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We are experts in ranking you in Google search results. Your business will be first-page in relevant search results, and this will further drive traffic through your website.

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We have access to call centers – if you need leads called, we can do that! We can also pull data in specific geographic locations and call, generating leads for clients that way.


Tru Power SEO has massive networks in almost every industry imaginable. This allows us to get your business whatever it is you need to become more successful as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, knowing the right people can put your business in a position to succeed that it otherwise would not be in!

Take a look at some of the types of businesses we have worked with in the past.


power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOReal Estate

power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOConstruction

power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOFitness (Gyms, Personal Trainers)
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOContractor
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEORestaurants
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOMeal Delivery
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOForex
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOMusic Marketing
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOGovernment

power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOCBD

power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOLawyers (attorneys)
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOSolar
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEORoofing
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOWindows

power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOMunicipalities
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEODoctors
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOCar Sales
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOFurniture
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOConsulting
power-300x200 - Tru Power SEOMarketing

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    Tru Power SEO is a leader in online marketing services and lead generation.  We have strategies in place to help grow revenue for all types of companies.