We are experienced Solar lead generators

Tru Power SEO has been in the solar lead generation business for years now, and it’s one of our strongest, most profitable industries for all parties involved. This tremendous upside combined with our ability to generate high-quality leads with minimal disqualifying characteristics, and our ability to deliver unlimited leads makes us a premier lead vendor in the US.

What Can We Do For You?

Through online advertisement, we are able to supply a constant stream of interested buyers of home solar panel systems. They have been pre-qualified, and we can even set specific qualifications for your needs.

Note than pricing can vary depending on what state you’re looking to purchase leads in. Each state has its own regulations and programs, and this changes the price at which we are able to generate leads.

Here’s what the pricing looks like:

CA – Spanish Only, Special Offers Only (patio, cash rebate etc) for majority of the state. Open to doing Santa Barbara at $45 per lead or LA at $35

Arizona – APS Utility $50, SRP $45

Oregon – $34
Washington – $34
Idaho – $34
Hawaii – $45
Colorado – Denver $47, CO Springs $39
Utah – $39
Texas – Houston $40, everywhere else $30, El Paso n/a
Arkansas – $22
Alabama $22
Florida – Orlando $33, all other $27
New Jersey – $46
PA – $25
Iowa – $25
Virginia – $22
North Carolina – Spanish/Special Only
South Carolina – $33 on coast, $27 everywhere else
Georgia – $27
Mass – $33
Michigan – $30
Ohio – $35
Illinois – N/A

New York – $45 wealthy areas, near cities $37
Tennessee – $30
Minnesota – $30
Missouri – $30
Maryland $35
Wisconsin – $30
Louisiana -$26
Indiana – Spanish/Special Only
Kentucky – $26
Connecticut – $41
Kansas – $29
Maine – $34
Nevada – Spanish/Special Offers Only
Mississippi- $29
Oklahoma – $27
Montana – $28
Wyoming – $27
New Mexico – $27
Nebraska – $27
Rhode Island – $35
Vermont – $35
Delaware – $38
West Virginia – $28
New Hampshire – $36
North Dakota – $34
South Dakota – $34

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